Among the services offered or possible are the following:

  • Conduct educational and support groups for young girls and women who have been in, or are at risk for entering prostitution in Philadelphia. Project Phoenix staff members can do outreach to areas of frequent prostitution activity to offer information to women and girls
  • Educate the public about the complex issues of prostitution through a series of public seminars held several times a year throughout the city
  • Conduct educational groups in the prisons for women who seek support in leaving the life of prostitution. The groups address parenting issues, life skills, education, counseling, drug and alcohol recovery and employment issues among other things
  • Serve as a liaison between the women and various agencies and resources in Philadelphia to help connect the women to various services which will support their needs
  • Offer education and training to those in law enforcement, health care, and human and social services regarding prostitution, trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation as well as training on how to help the women and provide support and treatment that is appropriate and which addresses the prostitution
  • Work with the city and the police to create a John School where men arrested for buying sex have to undergo 6 hours of “schooling” regarding the nature of prostitution and they harm they cause the women as part of their sentencing. Fines will be shared between the city and Project Phoenix
  • Offer individual and group counseling to women involved in prostitution
  • Other services as needed.